Pure Herdwick Tweed bags, accessories, cushions & caps made with wool from the English Lake District.

Our Purpose

To make practical & desirable, quality products with traceability of fleece back to National Trust owned farms in the Lake District World Heritage Site. 
All processing of wool is by specialists in the northern counties of England. 
Herdwick fleece changes colour naturally as the sheep age. 
No need for dye to weave our tweeds that are the shades of the Fells.

Four Farms: we buy directly from our farmers paying extra for fleece to be sorted into the natural shades.

  • Hill Top Farm, Near Sawrey
  • Yew Tree Farm, Coniston
  • Townhead Farm, Grasmere
  • Tilberthwaite Farm, Coniston
 yew tree farm

Three Natural Shades: fleece is transported to Yorkshire, the traditional wool industry experts; for washing, carding & spinning into three shades of fine worsted yarn.

  • Hogg fleece-1st shearing. Darkest brown.
  • Twinter and young ewes: 2nd-4th shearing. True Grey
  • Mature ewe fleece: 5th shearing. Light grey/pale white,

Two Weavers: Skilled weavers in Slaithwaite, Yorkshire & Sedbergh, Cumbria; create our tweeds.
Traditional, uncomplicated weaves suit the yarn and display the fibres that are within the raw fleece. 
Rough tweed then goes to Galashiels for finishing- tweed is washed, scratched by natural teasels, shaved and pressed.


 herdwick tweed on the loom

We believe in paying a fair price, not cut price.
Our products are hand cut & hand sewn to the highest standards by traditionally skilled folk in Cumbria, Lancashire & Yorkshire; sustainable jobs.

We use brass & leather & cotton for trimmings, traceable feather for cushions.

From farmers & fleece to the final product we take pride in what we produce.